Episode 06 - Svenia Busson - Edtech World Tour


It's mid-April 2017. In the upper floor of Liberte Living Lab Paris, we sat down with Svenia Busson to discuss the story leading to her co-organizing a research world tour focused on education technology and Svenia's current entrepreneurship project - learnspace.fr


I first met Svenia, in October 2016, at "Open Class EdTech #7 - Global Perspectives on the Future of Learning" where she presented the EdTech World Tour and specific projects (practices) that were especially curious thanks to their impact or scale. I met her again, at Open Class #9, when I had the chance to present our experience from STEAM School in India. I liked Svenia's unbiased opinion on the role of technology in education and her ability to put trends into local cultural contexts. Once I've decided to relaunch Tudornotes Podcast with a focus on Lifetime learning and inspiring educators, I knew Svenia will make it on my "must-interview" guest list. Voila.


People mentioned:

  1. Audrey Jarre
  2. Ryan Holiday
  3. Tim Ferriss
  4. Graham Brown-Martin

Books mentioned:

  1. Ego is the enemy 
  2. EdTech 2016 report - Global perspectives, Local insights

Other resources mentioned:

  1. EdTech World Tour Website
  2. LearnSpace
  3. Liberte Living Lab
  4. Pearson
  5. Manaiakalani
  6. PISA Score
  7. CSAT


“Vision without execution is hallucination.” - Thomas A. Edison

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