Episode 05 - Robin Holmes - Creature School


It's March 15, 2017. After a 15 month break from podcast productions, we step on stage to record episode nr5. It's also live streamed on facebook as a first experiment to co-design the podcast show together with an interactive audience. The new @Tudornotes Podcast is all about self-organized lifetime learning and interesting stories of people who rebuild our education system.


I first met Robin Holmes in February 2016. There were some posters around CRI Paris building, at Charles V, promoting a creative writing club - hobbyist meeting once a week for various writing exercises and storytelling. Back then, I only started building tudornotes.com and I was looking for ways to structure my blog writing and journaling notes. After weeks of wondering at those posters I simply showed up at one of the club meetings, and there he was - Mr. creative teacher and bold entrepreneur. Long story short we ended up working together and having many interesting discussion around culture, creativity, and entrepreneurship. It was my pleasure to interview Robin and help share his story. 


People mentioned:

  1. Robert A. Heinlein
  2. William Shakespeare

Other resources:

  1. Creature School
  2. Scuola Holden 


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