Episode 04 - Ben Koo - Bridge to the future


It's December 2015. In a classroom, next to Prof. Ben Koo's office, we sat down to discuss Ben's stories leading to him become an educator in China, after earning a PhD from MIT, in 2005. During this 57 min interview, we cover multiple interesting topics, from education reform in China to future technologies, collective consciousness, and design systems.


I first met Prof. Ben at a presentation we had during the 2015 Hacker trip to China, organized by Mitch Altman. Even though Ben is part of the industrial engineering department, his work and interests expand into multiple other disciplines, such as design, pedagogy, collective intelligence, cognitive science and more. It was a pleasure to return back to China after the Hacker Trip and work with Ben for a month, supporting his efforts to co-design the iCenter and contribute to the education reform across China, more specifically - learning by doing, in makerspaces. 


People mentioned:

  1. Mitch Altman
  2. Lawrence Lessig
  3. Theodore von Kármán
  4. Karl J. Krapek

Books mentioned:

  1. Code and other laws of Cyberspace 
  2. Meta-language for Systems Architecting

Other resources:

  1. ChekWiki
  2. Hackerspaces.org

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