Episode 03 - Mitch Altman - Distributed Empowerment


It's December. A bit freezing outside while we hang out in a small classroom at Tsinghua University and out of the 2 attempts to have a recorded conversation with Mitch Altman, today was we had a successful one. We recorded this podcast episode during my last days in China and beside this great conversation most of my Chinese experience was possible due to Mitch' inspiring attitude. 


I "met" Mitch on skype in January 2013, after I watched his TEDxBrussels talk. By that time I was part of Dreamups.org, later renamed into Qodemo, and we were looking for some wisdom (aka mentors) inside the hacker / maker movement. Mitch is kinda YES MAN when it comes to people and initiatives helping the development of hackerspaces around the world. We agreed to stay in touch, but on our first meeting in San Francisco the topics of our discussion moved from startups and documentation software for makers, to life struggles, education and a bit of philosophy. Long story short - 2 years later I ended up traveling with Mitch and 20 other amazing humans through China and I learned a ton. Although a short and casual conversation, I hope you find some great resources inside. 


People mentioned:

  1. Alan Watts
  2. Evil Mad Scientist
  3. Buckminster Fuller
  4. Lady Ada 
  5. David Foster Wallace

Books mentioned:

  1. Critical Path by Buckminster Fuller
  2. The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts
  3. In the absence of sacred by Jerry Mander
  4. Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace 
  5. Zero to Maker by David Lang
  6. Soldering is Easy comic book by Mitch Altman & Co

Other resources:

  1. Hackerspaces.org
  2. TV-B-Gone
  3. Chaos Communication Camp
  4. Hackerspace Design Patterns
  5. Mitch's TEDxBrussels Talk.

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