Episode zero - Why? What? How?


On this episode I, your host for the show, will give a small intro about the motivation behind the podcast, content focus and the relationship I wanna build with you - the listener. It's my first experimental episode and I am still working on ways to improve the sound and format. Please reach out if you have any comments / feedback.


In the summer of 2015, after 10 years of business development and startups, I decided to shift my career into design projects. This podcast is a documentation tool for my research into human nature, storytelling, design processes  and how we can build better experiences for the world we live, right now and in the near future. 

Podcast notes

Huge gratitude goes to Tim Ferriss's amazing work and inspiration to start this podcast. Also wanna say thank you to my friends at Dream Academia and my girlfriend who has enough patience to let me travel the world and do my experiments - love you.


 Ephedra - by "My Sleeping Karma"