One venture for life.

onesevenx is a 30-year masterplan to positively impact the lives of 1.7 billion people. Launched by Tudor in 2009, built by a distributed team and hosted in the heart of Amsterdam, this experimental laboratory is focused on prototyping new ventures for education, urban development and financial capital for youth-lead impact initiatives.




experimentQ Foundation

A learning experience design studio on a mission to make life-long learning a recognised social standard. Currently the project runs 3 service units: L&D Design, Research and Podcasting, and Technology.

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Prototyping phase for a network of urban community spaces co-designed with senior citizens and offered to young professionals for short term use during business trips, research residencies or personal projects.



A p2p funding and training network for youth lead impact projects launched within local communities. A skill and data-driven approach to building capacity and launching new sustainable solutions to fight local social and economic challenges.