When stuck - tidy up


There are people who prefer leaving things around cause they can move faster through the day, while others, like Marie Kondo, promote tidying up as an art with the magic power to change your life. Although I love having a clean house/ office, to me tidying is not a form of art, it’s productive procrastination.

A better approach is to time tidying up to moments when I get stuck, and I get lots of those moments throughout the week. It happens when 100% of your work is brain output.

This specific condition helps avoid obsessive cleaning habits, so I can get work done. A good rule of thumb is too keep my tools clean (Laptop, kitchen station, coffee machine etc) while letting the materials (paper, pens, post-its, books, camera, etc) be within reach in case I can create any free association and generate new ideas for my work or social time.

Tidying up helps clean up the mind, so do naps and quality sleep, but it shouldn’t make it difficult to retrieve resources and ideas in case you have a moment of inspiration and want to act on it. Next time you feel stuck, clean your tools, take a nap or go for a walk.