The widening gap


Humans can adapt to almost any new environment, being it a culture, geography, physical effort etc. But then there are misfits.

One thing that proves more difficult, at least for me, is trying or adapt or fit my bag of experiences into a specific work environment. Hence 99% or my professional experience is working on my own company of freelancing along divers teams, for short periods of time.

In the recents weeks, I noticed and discussed with fellow entrepreneurs that while most are looking for innovative thinking and interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, very few risk to hire people with diverse / fragmented experiences. Most look for predictable paths that candidates can demonstrate in a specific discipline. This is a safe bet.

The issue is quite pressing for individuals who decided to switch careers or pursue different passion projects in their twenties and thirties and then try to fit into a certain company because of family or financial obligations. The safety net for misfits is not that safe and the gap is widening.