The need for a burnout


As a friend of mine says - if you are not changing (something bad or mediocre) it means your a** is no on fire yet.

Yesterday, I attended a dinner with some brilliant and creative people who do interesting work in the education space, including company training/consulting. One of the topics discussed was the current working culture - the “filling jobs” and non-sense meetings which lead to meaningless stacks of documents and redundant “results”. Whenever people feel like they need to justify the a day spent on some BS ppt, it makes them feel like they are not making anything of value, which might lead to self-doubt, disengagement and even burnout. But that’s not bad.

Apparently we need a breaking point, something that awakens us in order to switch towards significant effort to improve our lives for the better. The more companies suck (don’t change / adapt to new ways of working), the more people will get out and try something different, or launch their own company with a better culture and operational processes.

In the words of greta thunberg

I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if our house is on fire. Because it is.”

This true for climate action as it is for personal change, when we find ourselves devout of life.

The alternative is dark.