Systemic Change


For everyone who is new to this blog, but also for my international friends, a quick reminder - I was born and grew up in Republic of Moldova. The country is almost my age, if we count the years from its independence following the collapse of USSR.

From its independence to this day, the country’s leadership offered a full package of disappointments and gang style fights over corrupt state institutions. This year, something new happened, something that instilled a dose of optimism and hope, although with a healthy skepticism attached.

Two seemingly opposite parties, in views and characters and external policy vectors, formed a temporary coalition to take down the country’s oligarh who captured and ruled the country for the last 10 years. - News 1 News 2

The key question now - How do you bring and manage systemic changes in a country that for 28 years had corruption as an integral part of its operational model? This is going to be either an epic failure of something that would go down in history as a case-study for effective government reforms in the 21st century. I am afraid the country will not survive one more disappointment.

P.S. I am intellectually intrigued :)