Sudden breakthrough


"'Success is just a decade of hard work away' makes for a shit motivational poster." – AJ,

About 10 days ago, I saw Justin’s tweets and then the blog post about entrepreneurs’ commitment to making something worthy. Besides the fact that Disney’s Biography is now on my “to read” list, Justin’s article inspired me to review my own “career“ path up till present day… all the experiments, country relocations, teams, mistakes and lessons while building the onesevenx venture lab. I am still far from the summit, but the journey has been quite unique and crazy. I wish I documented my work with more consistency, for self-accountability purposes but also as a reminder - there is rarely an overnight success when it comes to mastering skill and creating something with impact. It’s gradual then sudden (I sure hope).

P.S. Check the follow-up article on knowing when to give up.