Red pill - a life and career reset


It's June 19th, 2018. There are 11 days before I turn 29 and I chose to do a big reset in my career and life principles. Partly due to yet another "NO" email from the recruiter, this time at GitHub (yes, I am considering a job after years of business life).

In reality, the reset was long due. For far too many years I fragmented my learning routine into dozens of disciplines and worked across industries and roles - from a trainer to a salesman, from a product manager of a street art label to open source hardware platforms, and dozens of social projects in between. 

While the last 10 years were formative, helped me meet amazing people from 44 countries, and discover the world in beautiful new ways, I spread too thin and did not manage to build anything valuable. On the contrary, I ran into trouble many time. It was fun but egoistic and wasteful. 

Now, it's that moment in life. Following the engagement and the fact that our parents are getting older and require support, I need to step up, take full responsibility and build the future with sustainability in mind, financial as well as emotional and social.

So what exactly did I do?

  1. Delete / archive all my previous projects and articles, except few records on LinkedIn;
  2. Commit to a daily and specific learning routine, followed by documentation. I did I reset of my blog -, where I will write and share content related to the science behind human learning;
  3. Focus my work on one single direction - learning experience design: creating and delivering high impact learning programs;

Note to self: if I will ever be tempted to start a new project/company it must focus on making  human learning better, else it's a NO.