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Systemic Change

How do you bring and manage systemic changes in a country that for 28 years had corruption as an integral part of its operational model? This is going to be either an epic failure of something that would go down in history as a case-study for effective government reforms in the 21st century.

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The widening gap

Fitting into a corporate monoculture is quite pressing for individuals who decided to switch careers or pursue different passion projects in their twenties and thirties and then try to get into a certain company because of family or financial obligations. The safety net for misfits is not that safe and the gap is widening.

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Gifts vs markets

If you find yourself sprinting inside a rat-race and squized of all creative juices… find an interesting way to make gifts for your loved ones, people you care deeply about. In the habit of making gifts for other people, you might find your gift, your unique way to express your worldview and emotions.

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