Catalysts For Change


While working on the experimentQ podcast I heard multiple people advocating the idea of “deschooling”, but with time I came to realize that we can’t really afford to get rid of all the schools and universities (too many people are involved and live off of this ecosystem), instead we can repurpose the institutions to include a wider community of lifelong learners and a diverse set of learning experiences which are equality recognized.

Last week I read the report by Global Education Futures named “EDUCATIONAL ECOSYSTEMS FOR SOCIETAL TRANSFORMATION [Click to Download]“ . Chapter 3.6 says it well:

The development of educational hubs is a natural transformation of schools and universities, because:

  1. They already have specialized spaces suitable for various types of individual and collective learning activities (classrooms, halls, yards), as well as specialized training equipment (laboratories, sport facilities, etc.), and can host a large variety of learning activities and practices;

  2. They already are the nexus of different communities, groups and individuals that have a diversity of skills and knowledge to share, as well as various learning interests — and so they can connect these interested parties for mutual learning and teaching opportunities

  3. They are socially recognized as safe havens or containers where various types of learning and social experimenting can take place, with no or little penalty on failures — and so they can become laboratories of the future, where social innovations are safely prototyped.

For the next few weeks, I will try do find a podcast guest who “hacked“ a school for community learning purposes. If you know anyone please let me know.