Teachers I failed.


Eugenia Tarlev - my French teacher, grade 5 to 9. I had no clue I will end up in Paris, for a Masters degree, and will eventually need to speak French. I hated the class. If only I knew back then that a language is not just about grammar and word by word translations, but a new way to see the world and to express yourself.

Harald Katzenschläger - my dream developer. Along with his partner at DreamAcademia - Hermann Gams, Harald changed my life in 2011. I had so many opportunities to learn from a world-class thinker and doer, but caught in my rat race and fears, I failed to stay true to my dreams, be consistent in my actions and invest in quality relationships with everyone who was supportive along the way. I am re-launching this blog from his living room, and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Austin Kleon - without him knowing, one of my favorite artists and my documentation teacher. After reading "show your work" in the summer of 2015, I launched tudornotes.com with the goal to document my work and my learning routine on a daily/weekly basis. My discipline did not last, but the little documentation I did got me into a research project on lifelong learning and changed my career. I can imagine what it could do if I kept documenting my learning experiences on a daily basis.

3 Gyshidos - no BS brilliant people who trusted me with their time. Between 2011 and 2015 I had the privilege to meet Pascal Finette, Adam Cheyer and Hansi Hansmann, all of them via Pioneers Festival. They are dream mentors and advisors when it comes to building a company, and I managed to get their attention and time for a few meetings / interactions online. Hansi even invested in a project. Sadly this period coincided with my first serious startup company, which I totally failed, starting with people. Gone was their trust and interest. Following that failure I needed almost 2 years to recover, rebuild relationships, and start something new.

Dear Eugenia, Katzi, Hermann, Austin, Pascal, Adam, Hansi, I am grateful you are all part of the learning story. Hope to meet you in chapter 2.