Learning spaces for dream development


This week I got back, full circle, to Dreamicon Valley, a concept and space developed by Dream Academia team. I first discovered Dreamicon Valley via the TEDx community and Pioneers Festival (at the first edition of Pioneers.io, called Startup Week Vienna). 

The work of Dream Academia team is so unique and exceptional, it's impossible to relate it in a single interview at experimentQ - the project we are back for, in Austria.

That's why we decided instead of a single story, we should start a community discussion focused on dream development within the learning/education context.

 Few questions to consider:

  1. How do we build trust for children (of all age) to share their deepest passions /dreams?
  2. How do we involve parents and the larger community in creating habits of dreaming and acting on dreams? The "Yes, you can" culture.
  3. How do we approach and teach failure in the process of working on a dream?   
  4. How do we teach what success and happiness are?

That's only the start of the conversation. Many more questions can be added, including child confidence, self-expression, and group collaboration/flow.

You can follow experimentQ's website and social channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook for more updates during week #3 - March 19th to March 24th.