Deconstructing Barista Skills

Origin story

In 2016 the discovery of CRI Paris had a huge impact on my life. First, the "life experience validation" program gave the chance to acquire a Master Degree in Education Technology, even though I dropped out of the university a few years back. Second, the space and the people at CRI encouraged critical thinking and strong self-awareness, those two exercises got me thinking about what I love and care about most - designing learning experiences. The time at CRI lead to the launch of the experimentQ podcast and our work on the lifelong learning iD, with the mission to help organize and validate all forms of human learning.

Nomad chapter

After the launch of experimentQ, along with Ana, we left Paris and ventured into making a nomad podcast series. We wanted to get out of the comfort bubble and meet people who are shaping the future of education. We visited 10 countries, in 2 months, and interviewed 20 education innovators. Inspired by that nomad experience, we are moving to Amsterdam and shifting experimentQ to a truly community-run effort, starting with the crowdsourced podcast format and the free learning library. Also, we decided to focus on organised learners and educators who want to uncover the science behind effective learning and find ways to leverage it for reaching pick results in the field of choice. 

How the F* does a Barista fit here?

The perfect fit. First, at experimentQ, we need to build a strong case for how our work and research would benefit someone who starts learning a new discipline, by themselves, from zero. We will use "becoming a barista" as our test on what are the best learning exercises, how does the assessment work, how do you find peers, how do we build mastery, etc. Second, it's been a dream of mine (bucket list item) to become a barista, once I retire. F* retirement, let's do it now.

The process

Now, how does one become a world-class barista in 3 years? The idea is simple: get a 4-hour/day apprenticeship with a master barista and aim to win a local/regional barista championship within 3 years. The rest of the day is dedicated to developing experimentQ.

Ways to get there:

  1. For the last few days I assembled a list of the best coffee shops, roasters, and baristas in Amsterdam; 
  2. I am learning about their history, culture, and results, then writing a partnership proposal;
  3. The proposal states that I would get a 4h/day apprenticeship while they get a part-time worker and we build a digital course / social content about becoming a Barista, under the coffee shop brand. 
  4. So far two coffee shops replied (Bocca Coffee Roasters and The Coffee Virus)  and one of them scheduled a meeting.
  5. On day 1 of my work, I will launch a blog category documenting everything I learned. 

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