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The flow. Four years off the beaten path

They say you only get one chance for good a first impression, one chance to win trust. F*cking that up leaves you off the road, especially in today’s connected and fast news spreading world. I did miss that first chance, but there is nothing but gratitude for all the experiences I gained in the process. Let me tell you the story of how it all went down.

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Hardwired to ignore wisdom. Aren't we?

In the last few days I stumbled upon 2 different mediums where I encountered the topic of knowledge transfer from a generation to another, but also valid for same age transfers. The first is "Fooled by Randomness" book and my "Future of Education" Master research that involves watching and mapping all the interested facts in 160+ TED talks on Education.

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On Balance

The ancient Greek ancestor of the word ecstasy is ekstasis, formed of ek (outside or beyond) and stasis (“standing, stature” or “standing still, stationariness” or “the place in which one stands or should stand, position, posture, station”). If ecstasy means outside the static then we can define balance as a state of ecstasy.

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The simplest venture equation

The more venture projects, mentor discussions and books you complete, the more you get to simplify things in your head and therefore in business.  To my conclusion, almost any enterprise (commercial, political or social) can be brought down to a simple drawing with 4 building blocks.  

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Theory-U recall

Today I recalled my discovery of Theory-U, because of a discussion on social change and leadership in India. I concluded for myself that the "western" or "first-world" model will never fully arrive in India. It might die before it gets here.

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