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Interdisciplinarity of specialization

On one hand, historical data on wealth and work shows an almost direct relationship between the wellbeing of a community / nation and the specialization of its people. In modern terms, the higher a country's GDP per capita the more professions or variety of career paths in that country. On the other hand, the reality of today's economic landscape, driven in part by technological development, including the employment market data, calls for fast adaptability of adult skills and interdisciplinary approaches to work. What do we specialize in?

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Touchpoints, a tool for self-organized learning

It is my belief, that instead of putting children inside classrooms and trying to "educate" them into fitting some jobs, which honestly, we have no clue how they will look 2 decades from now, we can show what the life "touchpoints" are about and then empower children to design learning experiences around those points. Basically teach children to learn for themselves and then get out of their way, as Sugarata Mitra puts it. 

Let me explain the argument.

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Why get into education, as a dropout?

From February 2016 to July 2017, I am a human guinea-pig in an education experiment at CRI Paris. This article explains the story and offers some clues as to why this is an exciting time for education projects, around the world. I also share my personal course schedule and will continue to post relevant content, apps I use, GitHub repos and other cools stuff on the subject.

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