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Today's world wants the story behind the story. Whether you have a company mission to share, an audience to entertain or a product to sell, we're more likely to engage and connect if you deliver a well-crafted story with an emotional core. Bobette Buster is a story consultant working with major studios such as Disney and Pixar, an adjunct professor and a lecturer in top film programs all over the world. In this, her first book, she shares her 10 key principles of storytelling -- as used by some of the world’s best storytellers -- and helps you apply them to your own. Find out: How to source, structure and shape your story; Ways to discover its essence; Why forming an emotional bond with your audience can take a story from good to great. (Source)

My Notes

Basically, the book resumes to 10 principles for telling a good story, in life or business.

  1. Tell your story as if you're telling it to a friend
  2. Set the GPS (place, time, setting and context)
  3. Action! (Use active verbs)
  4. Juxtapose (take two ideas and let them collide)
  5. Gleaming detail (an ordinary moment or thing that captures the essence of the story)
  6. Hand over the spark (reflect on the idea that first captivated you and hand it to the audience)
  7. Be vulnerable (share the emotion of your story)
  8. Tune into your sense memory (there is always a primary sense that dominates every memory, evoke it to make a deeper connection)
  9. Bring yourself (your story as much about you as anything else)
  10. Let go (let it build naturally and end fast, leaving the audience wanting more)

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