Brief description

For too long our lives have been dominated by the 'under one roof' Industrial Revolution model of work. That era is now over. There is no longer a reason for the daily roll call, or the need to be seen with your butt on your seat in the office. The technology to work remotely and to avoid the daily grind of commuting and meetings has finally come of age, and bestselling authors Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson are the masters of making it work at tech company 37signals. Remote working is the future - and it is rushing towards us.
Remote: Office Not Required combines eye-opening ideas with an entertaining narrative. It will convince you that working remotely increases productivity and innovation, and it will also teach you how to get it right - whether you are a manager, working solo or one of a team. Chapters include: 'Talent isn't bound by the hubs', 'It's the technology stupid', 'When to type, when to talk', 'Stop managing the chairs' and 'The virtual water cooler'.
Brilliantly simple and refreshingly illuminating this is a call to action to end the tyranny of being shackled to the office. (Source)

Why read this

Either you are an employee, a freelancer or a company manager, it's equally worth considering the impact tech has brought to the way we work, communicate and measure productivity. Probably you have people or activities in your life that are more important that killing 2 hours on a daily commute and spending 8+ hours in a cubical. This book asks some important questions about the way we want to distribute our time and set work / life priorities. 

My experience

I use to be a Basecamp customer back in 2011, organizing a TEDx event, but I was too young to really understand it's value and consider it for my other projects. Later in my startup career, I popped into Rework, the other book by Jason and David, that influenced a lot of people in my community. Thus, when Remote was published I immediately bought it, but, ended up only reading reviews and watch videos by the authors. Finally, on 14th of June 2016, I set down and did read the whole book in one evening. I loved it.

By the authors