Evernote is an amazing note-taking, bookmarking, scanning, audio recording, knowledge building etc. etc. piece of software for all the ideas and work in one's life. They also call Evernote an external brain, as their tag line reads - remember everything. 


There are so many features and ways of using Evernote, that I would rather let the video below tell a better story.


Two reasons I personally use Evernote for:

  1. Documentation on the go - support on any device, with multiple input formats (handwriting, audio, attachments, pictures, contacts, third party integrations etc). Note to self: never go to any meeting with a laptop, instead, take notes by hand and later scan them to Evernote. 
  2. Search - All my notes are scanned and indexed, so I can search any piece of text or other information I tagged accordingly. Location-based search is also handy.


Web: evernote.com
Twitter: @evernote
Apps: evernote.com/download/