Why get into education, as a dropout?

From February 2016 to July 2017, I am a human guinea-pig in an education experiment at CRI Paris. The experiment aims at finding answers to several questions / ideas:

  1. Can students create their own curriculum on a specific topic / profession and study independently from classrooms? While being offered the best tutoring and research support possible.
  2. How do we document learning experiences outside classrooms? Online courses, peer to peer learning, mentoring, life experiences etc.
  3. How can we implement a white/ blanc diploma concept? (on this later in the blog series).

When I say I am a human guinea-pig, the fact is that am given a list of topics / courses and a set of skills I need to master at the end of each course. That's all. Well, I also have a weekly meeting with a supervisor, to help me get over some challenges or questions. 

See the draft* of those course topics and skills below. (*a raw version).

From there on, I am free to do whatever I want to master those skills. I can find content on the web, I can travel to any place in the world to take a class or become an apprentice to some Yodas, I can run experiments at a local hackerspace or any other idea that gets into my head and we agree, with my supervisor, that there is value in it.

One of the best parts of this Master - they are gonna use my blog as an assessment tool for what progress I make. I need to document my experiences, tools I use to learn or challenges I met on the way (like running businesses in parallel). It's gonna be all here, on this page and no other reports are necessary. You can find the approximate course schedule here... along with some classes I take online. 

I am grateful for the opportunity for help the education research and finally have a taste of being an "official student", considering my dropout story. It is my hope that there will be valuable insights in this Master experiments.