You go bankrupt. Now what?



Picture the following situation: You are 27/37/47 years old and your business (or you as a person) go bankrupt in 2015/2016. All your savings, all that energy you gave to your last project, maybe even your health conditions - are now gone. 

Now what?

First, I tend to think of us humans as social animals. As long as there are people around us (to be read - there are needs/wants and severe problems on Earth) there is value we can offer. Value creation process builds an inevitable feedback loop. There are two excellent books touching on this topic:

  1. Give and Take by Adam Grant
  2. Hooked by Nir Eyal

My second belief is that we live in the best possible times for us humans to cash-in on our crafts / passions, thanks to the divers technology offering and accessibility on the market. I can guarantee that any person has a certain experience, skill or hobby that can prove useful to another person, company or governmental institution. It's only a question of experimenting and exposing your work/results into the public, it's not long before someone takes the call. This was the path of many on YouTube, Vine or Instagram.

Below are just few steps on getting started, in a very minimalist style (you can add or cancel some tools / apps as you go):

  1. Get organized (manage yourself and your ideas) with a simple Google account (see all their awesome apps) and Trello.
  2. Tell your story using WordPress or Squarespace or Medium or Tumblr... heck, even 
  3. Hangout and contribute with your knowledge to diverse communities on Quora or Reddit
  4. Connect with like-minded people on social - I prefer Twitter or ProductHunt.
  5. Show up everyday. 

It works for me. You recall the beginning of this article? I was there.