Makerspace, Stockholm.


In 2013, while we were building the first iteration of Qodemo (then called Dreamups), we visited Sweden for a cleantech conference. We joined Rockstart Accelerator earlier that year, so this kind of trips were part of our product/market fit exercises. I had no idea back then, but this visit to Stockholm kickstarted our idea to visit most of maker / hackerspaces all over Europe and test our software. The road trip happened, the product/market fit not really. We ended up changing the product and are working on restarting the company in 2016.

On my super short visit, Stockholm Makerspaces felt relatively new and comparing to other spaces in Europe - clean. Maybe the Scandinavian design-touch had something to do with it? Regardless, there were plenty of cool machines and tools to play with. 


I discovered this space thanks to Carl Bärstad from KidsHackDay (check them out, amazing project) who wrote an intro email to Axel Svensson, Erik and Christian. If you are in town and need a space to geek out, these guys might help you out or offer the right advice for your project. 




My guess is, you don't speak Swedish, but the video below has the best visual showcase of what it is like at Stockholm Makerspace.