Way of life - iOS


"Way of life" is an iOS habit forming / breaking app. Probably the simplest approach to tracking daily activities. It takes about 1-2 minutes per day and provides a clear visual representation of your good / bad lifestyle.   


There are couple of easy steps to follow (as seen in the screenshots above):

  1. Create a list of activities you want to perform daily. It tracks both positive actions as well as stopping negative ones (ex. days without alcohol). My example:
    • Daily meditation. Using calm app or a free run;
    • Daily writing. Personal journal or blog entries;
    • Daily sport. Using freeletics app or going for a swim;
    • Stay hydrated (+/- 2.7 L of water per day);
    • Stay in touch. Drop an email or chat message to old friends as well as important business contacts I did not speak in 2 months or more;
    • Design something. Learn a new micro skill and test it;
    • Daily language exercise. Now is French (Spanish and Dutch on the wishlist);
    • Read daily.  Kindle books.
  2. Every evening, you get to spend 1-2 minutes to simply answer yes or no to each activity (color coded as green or red). There is also skip option and you can add notes to certain activities you want to remember.
  3. After 1-2 weeks you can start forming trends and see your general lifestyle data. 


Habit forming is difficult. There is always a "logical" excuse to skip your training, get a sugar boost, got for a beer, smoke a cigaret, loose contact with childhood friends or stress out. In the end, we have a limited time here, and we've got to perform our social duty, right? Wrong, at least for me. I tend to believe that you master your path and can take control of your daily inputs / actions. Having a visual map of your routine is super useful.


  1. Web: www.wayoflifeapp.com
  2. Twitter: www.twitter.com/wayoflifeapp
  3. iTunes Link