Theory-U recall



Theory-U is a framework for social change and leadership, focused on the collective conciseness plus some other zen-like concepts that it didn't completely grasp yet. It was developed by MIT professor Otto Scharmer

I first heard of Theory U, in November of 2015, while being in Beijing as a Hacker in Residence at Tsinghua University. During one of the visits to their newly built innovation Center, I met a team who was representing the U.Lab or Mr Otto. I don't know their official status in China, but I the remember the meeting clearly, though, as one of the professors told me quietly "This work would be considered illegal few years ago, but now some MIT guys are officially consulting the Chinese Government on how to use Theory U and empower people all over the country. This is crazy". The professor was amused but kinda excited.

To my regret, I did not research immediately what the Theory U was, besides some facts that it involves a specific framework to drive positive social change in communities, often used by a business leader of government authority. They theory also touches the Self part of change, but I did not read enough to comment on. 

Today I recalled this story and the Theory cause of a discussion on social change and leadership in India. I concluded for myself that the "western" or so-called "first-world" model will never fully arrive in India. There are huge cultural differences, the population data structure is miles away and the whole western Capitalism model is heavily shaking (note: public debt reaching nearly 3 times the global economy).

So, what is the alternative? Maybe Otto Scharmer has something to say about it. Check the video below.

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