21st century scenius



Yesterday, February 22nd, I shared a book review of "Show your work" by Austin Kleon on the newly created page tudornotes.com/tools. As I went through some of old book highlights, to help me create a proper description, few ideas have inspired me to do a small research today. 

The curiosity came from one of the core ideas in Austin's book the concept that work is not created in vacuum by some genius like minds. Instead, all major works along the history of humankind were created in social groups where people bounced into each other ideas and work in progress. He calls these groups scenius.

To a modern day human this would mean that you build an online environment where process rules over sexy products and incremental improvements in your taste and skill overweights the blind hope for ideal outcomes. At some point the book challenges us to share something small every day, and that we need to offer people various ways to reach out and give us their feedback or support. 

For me the scenius is, on one hand, the Center for Research and Interdisciplinary in Paris, where I get to hang out with PhDs and researchers passionate about he future of education, and on the other hand - my tudornotes.com blog where I can reach entrepreneurs and creative minds with my small bits of writing. The blog is integrated with Disqus comments and I am relatively active on social, so people can reach out anytime and say if my work is full of shit or they want to offer some fresh insights. 

So today, after refreshing my book memories, I went one step further and launched a donation page at tudornotes.com/donations. This way I can see if my writing really offers people something of value and what do I need to specifically improve in the future. I went on and researched a bit what are the best tools for people to contribute financially and support one's work.

I'd like to share my results with you. Turns out there are lots and lots of ways for someone to contribute financially and it takes almost no time to setup such a tool. Here are the most important solutions I discovered:

Hosted payment pages.


  1. Paypal.me
  2. Coinbase.com
  3. Patreon.com
  4. Indiegogo.com


  1. Typeform.com
  2. Zoho.com

Integrated (tiny code knowledge needed)

  1. Braintree payments
  2. Stripe
  3. 2CheckOut
  4. Gravity Forms (if your blog is on WordPress)

Mobile / in-Person card payments:

  1. POS for Stripe
  2. Square

Bonus data:

  1. Baremetrics - Statistics for Stripe