Living the education utopia

I am doing a small experiment with a new blog format: I write short stories / ideas and afterwards I record them as audio notes on SoundCloud. First you can play the story, then if you got time, go ahead and feel the "paper" version on In the text format, you get to enjoy some extra resources and links. It's a test, enjoy.



It's 2026. Mademoiselle Juliette, a 25 years Young Parisian wakes up to a new day of wonder and things to explore. She is a graduate student.

As she gets ready to jump out of bed, all things in her flat seamlessly connect and take various decisions as to how they can make Juliette's day the best possible one; based on her sleep data, weather conditions, mood, blood tests, most recent memories and more. It's all tracked 24h a day, it's all connected up there in the cloud. 

After going through her morning rituals, and being served the best possible 3D Printed nutrition cocktail, she approaches an interactive wall with some notes and articles on her research from last night. There are no computers in the house, except the same AI assistant who made her breakfast earlier, and now controls her documents and research logs. In Juliette's opinion Viv (her Artificial Intelligence Assistant), feels very much like a friend and not a soulless machine that controls everything in her life.

Now, probably the best news as read by her peers 10 years ago, there are no classes Juliette needs to attends in 2026. You see, due to robotics, AI and business automation lots of people were left out of the mass industries and dumb jobs. Robots were better, faster and cheaper. Humans, after few years of economic struggle, turned back to craftsmanship and science. 

These days, instead of one teacher handling 20+ students, every student has a small army of tutors dedicated to various sciences and ready to support any learning adventure. Such an adventure also awaits Juliette. She's got a list of disciplines to explore and competencies she needs to master, in order to reach the next level of becoming a biotech Yoda. Juliette makes her own study agenda, chooses learning tools, selects various peer-based activities, and mentors. She can go out there in the world, find new questions and try to explore her curiosity. Learning is not attached to a specific location anymore, there is the Internet and there is a whole universe to explore. 

Juliette is on a lifetime learning journey.  


  1. The story above is not a complete fiction. I am a human guinea pig for such an education utopia, at CRI Paris.
  2. A similar learning approach was described by Ricardo Semler in his 2014 TED talk.
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