Anchor - Radio by the people


Anchor is an "audio-first" social platform or, as they call it, the first true public radio. It was in Beta mode for close to one year, but seven days ago it become open to the public, after the team launched the iOS app on ProductHunt


Instead of typing a post you record a voice track or "wave" - et voila. Same principle works for replies, and replies to replies etc. It's all audio and it's sort of an amazing humanizing experience. You add some text for wave description, including hashtags, but that's it. See few details here


Typing well elaborated posts or long format articles can be time consuming and sometimes an overcrowded medium to share a story or idea. Videos require a bit of the courage or few micro acting skills. Voice, on the other hand, it's natural to most of us. Using audio to broadcast ideas, ask questions (quora style), tell stories, have a debate, hold an AMA and so on, seems to be a fantastic idea. I am using it for research, Q&A and testing micro broadcasting for @tudornotes podcast.


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