Find your tribe(s)

Two weeks ago, a new comer to Paris had a first visit to CRI - an Interdisciplinary Research and Education Center in the heart of France. There are few lines on this story, here.

Back to school.

Many new things happened in these 2 weeks, among others, the decision to take a sabbatical from the startup life and go back to school. I was always an Internet student, learning bits of various new disciplines and crafts, but now it's a good moment in my life to dedicate more time for learning a new domain, and master it. In fact, it's called a Master Program, focused on the future of learning and the use of technology in education. 

The writers gang.

In this particular article, however, I am touching on a small side story at CRI. Among many hipster-like activities and free thinking vibes around here, there are topic based clubs and interest groups. One of theme is the The Writing Club, with their deeply philosophical posters all over the building. 

Writing club poster.jpg

Every Thursday young and old, men and women, simple humans from various backgrounds come to share a common passion for the written word. Last Thursday was my first meeting at the club.

The struggle. 

You see, I had a blog since 2010, but I never managed to keep a constant flow of stories and useful content. If not for an audience, at least as a record of experiences and essays for myself. I always looked at my writing as dry and boring blah blah stories, totally missing the point that writing boring and dry stories it's still better then not writing. 

If you keep pushing it, eventually you get better. How else are you supposed to get better at anything if people can not experience your work and share their feedback. The club offered me exactly this experimental environment - to write and discuss the process.

Pay it forward.

One of the reasons you read these lines now, it's because I strongly believe the methaphor of writing shit stories and keep pushing through it, is valid of any new craft you want to master. Simply find your tribe (being it sports, chess, debate, designing microchips photography etc) and keep making experiments.

Two simple steps, for you. 

  1. Put it down in your calendar and join a club. is a good platform to check for interesting groups of people, in your town.
  2. Create your own accountability board - a group of people who can keep your accountable for your learning goals. Here is a hint and here is a bonus technique.