Brmlab, Prague.




Besides being located in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague's Brmlab Hackerspaces is also one of the most active hackerspaces worldwide and their range of projects can't do anything else than simply wow your brain. Few things that stood out during my July trip to Prague:

  1. Following Adam Savage's quote "The only difference between science and screwing around, is writing it down" - Brmlab has a great list of documented  of projects;
  2. Brmlab's got a very cool and authentic counterculture touch to it. It just feels real and these gent and ladies really care about their work so quality is amazing;  
  3. There are several labs within Brmlab which makes it even more awesome: Biolab, High Voltage lab, Radio Club and more.


You find everyone in the IRC (see links below) or mail list and 99% have nicknames. If you really want to meet people and get to experience the community, you should go there in person... otherwise drop a question on their IRC channel and you will get an answer in no time. 


Below are some of my favorite projects. The rest you can find here, with detailed explanations, project teams, status and more.



  1. DIY Scanning electron microscope, by mrkva.
  2. Conditioning Chamber for Cognitive Experiments, by chido.
  3. AR SandBox, by harvie.
  4. DIY cotton candy machine, by chido.




An epic documentary on subcultures, featuring hackerspaces and specifically brmlab (in Czech):

Video by KMENY.TV