Noisebridge, San Francisco.


As their Wikipedia page puts it "Noisebridge is an award-winning[1][2] anarchistic educational hackerspace in San Francisco", which in translation means 483.0958 square meters of total nerdy awesomeness. Its specific anarchistic touch is in perfect fusion with arts and cool people from all walks of life. If you are in SF for few days or even better - are moving there, you might want to check it out. Noisebridge is a very welcoming place, open for anyone interested to make stuff and learn new things... from speaking mandarin and enjoying philosophy chats to woodwork and state of the art computer security.  


As I slightly mentioned about, there are many interest groups at Noisebridge and several workshops areas you can keep yourself busy with. Every group has a small "onboarding" procedure and lots of people are available to show new stuff and make you feel welcomed. Beside one on one chats and tours, you get open classes and many community events. Most common skill around is software engineering, but you can also meet economists, artists, lawyers, designers and more. Guaranteed you will be challenged and kept curious to learn more. Make sure you contribute back if you choose to hang out for a while. 


  • Dive into software engineering;
  • Try woodworking / Laser Cutting magic;
  • Design clothes or textile products;
  • Play with 3D printing;
  • Join an activist club;
  • Build robots;
  • Make music;
  • Create an indoor wall art and whatever else fits the community motto - Be excellent to each other.


  • Address: 2261 Market Street #235-A / San Francisco, CA 94114
  • Tips: The best area for mexican food, in the whole of San Francisco. Just one block up (Valencia) you find amazing cafes and few more blocks up is the heaven of LGBT community - Castro District.


A view inside by Noisebridge co-founder - Mitch Altman:

Photos: iPhone and Mitch Altman's Carema