Tools to grow your "brain value”

Today, I have put together a small list of tools and fun apps, so you can bring more fun, knowledge and healthy vibes into your week. I personally tested and play with these tools on a permanent basis. I would no recommend something that I don’t believe will bring a great value to your life.  

Here we go.

  1. For your body:

    1. Freeletics or Runtastic Results - short and intense workouts without any equipment or need for a gym.
    2. Kitchen Stories - fun and easy way to cook new meals. Quick fact - more than 70% of how you look and feel (physically) depends on what you eat, not your workout routine.
    3. Fitbit - all in one fitness data app. The app makes sense if you buy a fitbit fitness tracker, preferably with a heart rate monitor.
    4. Runtastic - if running is your favorite exercise. 
  2. For your brain:

    1. Caml or Headspace - mindful meditation in the morning or when you feel the need to shut the F* up.
    2. Elevate - brain exercises to improve your memory, thinking speed, speaking errors etc
    3. Kindle - the best way to read books, besides print.
    4. Genius  - I am using it to consume poetry, but it’s created for music discovery and lyrics.
    5. Quora - get your answers.
    6. Wikipedia - when bored click on "random article” feature and learn something new.
    7. Medium - a great way to discover stories and interesting people.
    8. UrbanDictionary - because culture is so diverse, double check your writing.
    9. Evernote - your external brain. Remember everything. 
  3. For your performance at work:

    1. Momentum - get one important thing done. Every day.
    2. Pomodoro - make your tasks look like tasty,  small and fun tomatoes 
    3. Trello - drag to the right, or left.
    4. Slack - get rid of emails, within your team. 
    5. Google Apps - because Google. 
    6. Twitter - unlike Facebook, you can actually learn something or find useful content. 
  4. Extras:

    1. Duolingo - best way to learn a new language. You can also try 
    2. Spotify - everything is much better with good music in background.
    3. Coinbase - your bitcoin wallet.
    4. Kickstarter / Indiegogo - discover indie tech, art and much more.
    5. Pleco - useful if you travel to China.

Tip: This may sounds strange from a minimalistic lifestyle / lean budget person but I suggest to always get the premium (paid version) for the apps you like. You get so much more value and quality content than trying to save those 3-5 euros a month for your beer. Trust me, your health and brain deserves a premium attitude.  

Now, I am curious to read what are your favorite apps and techniques to make your day better, so please leave a comment below.


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