10 years' work changed by one cup of tea.

Ideation walk.  North sea .

Ideation walk. North sea.

Last week, over a cup of tea, I had an interesting conversation with my friend Bilal, when suddenly he used a curious term - “authentic human creativity”. It made me think.

I had some time to reflect on it as I was working on re-launching #tudornotes - this blog you read now and the one I kept as a simple web based business card, for many years straight. The blog was dead cause I lacked a central topic, a vision to write about and offer value with. 

During the next weekend, while surrounded by amazing people at Noisebridge, I asked myself: What is my authentic craft? When do I feel creative?

Suddenly, I realized I was looking for an explanation to Bilal's term (like many other millions of people) for a good part of my life. During the last 10 years, at least, I was busy starting companies, traveling to 40+ countries, and exploring the world for new life opportunities. While at times my business journey was about numbers and financial freedom, in reality, I was always looking to connect with inspiring humans and make something beautiful and valuable, at scale. 

Now, it kinda sucks to give it enough thought and accept, at age 26 and after 10 years of hard work, that maybe business is not your thing. Suits are not your authentic way of life. I discovered that people and their life stories inspire me to create my best crafts, not spreadsheet or board meetings. And so I moved into design space.

For sure those startup and business skills are useful and will be used to provide value for other people, but I am taking a break from starting / managing companies (which turned out to be failed experiments, mostly) and will invest my time into human focused design projects and open source tech. 

In the meantime, I am collecting stories that inspire ways to experiment with and experience life. This blog and upcoming podcast project will be a medium where I share my findings and doodles on the topic of authentic human creativity.

Thank you Bilal.

Now let us all #GOexperiment.