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Head of research / Podcast producer at experimentQ

At experimentQ we are on the mission to make lifelong learning a social standard, by building tools and services that will help people organize and validate daily learning experiences. Before we write any line of code and design a tool for learning documentation and analysis, we need to build a better understanding of learning communities all over the world. Thus, we launched a research podcast about how humans learn.

*Gratitude @ana_notes for building this adventure together.




Entrepreneurship coordinator CRI Paris, France

CRI is a 'Think and Do Tank' that focuses on new ways of learning, teaching and carrying out research, stimulating collective intelligence to address the challenges of our time. The role of the entrepreneurship coordinator is to conduct early stakeholder research, design the program content and build the first iterations for a state of the art students prototyping ecosystem.



MOOC interview, Makerspaces for education

MOOC interview, Makerspaces for education

EdTech research at CRI Paris, France

In February 2016 I become a guinee pig for simultaneously two new education experiments at www.cri-paris.org - lifetime experience validation program and the white diploma project. You can find more about my education research on this dedicated blog page. Shortly, my education research is focus on how we can document lifetime learning experiences and design better policies to validate those off-campus lessons and skills.  

Speaker Q&A session. The Coalition, India

Speaker Q&A session. The Coalition, India

Speaker at TheCoalition Conference, India

In February - March 2016 I had the opportunity to explore, for 2 weeks, the maker community in India, and their effort to improve education in the country. The research trip culminated with a talk at http://thecoalition.in/ where I shared the insights from my work at Qodemo and the visits we had to 50+ maker / hacker spaces around the world.



Speaker Poster, Maker Days at Tsinghua University

Speaker Poster, Maker Days at Tsinghua University

Hacker in Residence, Thinsgua University, China

In October 2015 I joined China Hacker Trip, organized Mitch Altman and joined by a group of super awesome people. Our goal was to meet engineers, creative and hackers from China, but to also to enjoy the local culture and cuisine. The experience was fantastic and it lead to a hacker in residence program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. 

Mini MakerFair Turin, Italy

Mini MakerFair Turin, Italy

Co-founder & CEO at Qodemo.com, Netherlands

Qodemo (founded in 2012 as Dreamups.org) was created with the goal to organize and share all world's open-source engineering knowledge. To achieve that goal, we set out to build the best knowledge documentation  technology, with a focus on DIY hardware guides to empower local communities in solving their own challenges - being it sanitation, energy, transportation, housing, farming and so on. 

MadFab Co-founders, Madrid

MadFab Co-founders, Madrid

Europe hackerspace roadtrip research

Following an equity investment at Qodemo, we set out to perform one of the biggest research projects about the maker / hacker / fablab spaces in Europe. Eventually the research extended to China and USA. The aim of the research was to co-develop the Qodemo documentation software with the members of maker movement in Europe. We visited over 50 community spaces and gather lots of useful stories / data.



Hacker Passport at Noisebridge, USA

Hacker Passport at Noisebridge, USA

#SF #NYC #Boston 90-day maker residence, USA

After the Rockstart Accelerator program (see below), Qodemo had only a simple prototype and not investment yet. We decided to look for resources and clients in USA.  Ninety days were divided in rafly 1 month per city - San Francisco, New York and Boston and there was everything - from soldering classes at Noisebridge to self brewed beer at Hack Manhattan and from a residency at Artisan's Asylum to research time at MIT Media Lab. By the end of the USA trip we got an investment from Doen Foundation.

Pitch at smart energy   DemoDay  , Amsterdam

Pitch at smart energy DemoDay, Amsterdam

Rockstart, Startup Accelerator, Netherlands

After two years of hustle, micro business angel funds and few competitions won - we joined an official startup accelerator program. What followed next was a 6 months intensive program packed with training sessions, mentoring hours, software perks and product iterations. We learned a lot, plus leading a company in such an environment was a highlight of my entrepreneurial life. After the accelerator program Dreamups.org became Qodemo.com


Wondering inside Facebook's HQ

Wondering inside Facebook's HQ

 Silicon Valley Couchsurfer 

I first discovered USA and Silicon Valley following an invitation from Heather Cochran for the opening of Digital Garage in San Francisco. That autumn of 2013, I ended up with a longer trip to US, couchsurfing with awesome people, private visits to Mozilla, Google, Facebook, Evernote, Blackbox and other awesome experiments in between (like making a California driving license and trying to become an Uber driver).



On the way to a Swedish   school

On the way to a Swedish school

Edu on Tour, Netherlands - Germany - Denmark - Sweden

In November of 2012 I had the chance to join a research trip, organized by Presente! with the aim to document alternative learning institutions in few European countries. On our map was Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Stockholm. It was an eye opening experience for what the future of learning (education) might bring. 

celebrating 8 months in Dreamicon Valley 

celebrating 8 months in Dreamicon Valley 

Dream Developement, Austria

After a failed attempt to build a social platform for all things #streetart and #urbanculture I moved from Cluj (Romania) to Siegendorf (Austria) to become an apprentice at Dream Academia . DA is a decentralized movement started around Hermann and Katzi - two guys who follow their dreams and help others in the process, regardless of background, age, sex, industry etc. This duo is challenging most of what we call norm. It was fantastic.



Beta version of Kineters.com 

Beta version of Kineters.com 

Co-founder Kineters, Romania

After my AIESEC and TED experience, I discovered the world outside my country and, along with a feeling of abundance, there was a dose of rebellion as to why the humanity was so fucked. That inspired me to joined a team of young creatives, to build a hub for all things #screenart. The core business of Kineters was a clothing line but we wanted to build it on top of events and street art gigs. Basically, a central place where underground artists and sportsmen would find a way to pay their bills, while supporting the whole thing with prints and cool wear. We failed.

A test of "  TED   APPEAL" in Chisinau

A test of "TED APPEAL" in Chisinau

Curator TEDxChisinau, Moldova

Being a fan of TED.com since 2009, when I first discovered that TEDx licenses exist (thanks to Cristian from TEDxCluj) I imediatly applied. Being part of TEDx community was a wow factor, beginning with my team in Chisinau (Mihai, Victoria, Nika, Oleg, Vasile, Victoria) and the multitude of amazing people I met across the globe during the following years. One of the great experiences was to represent TEDxChisinau at the TEDxSummit in Qatar, April 2012.




Partner at Evenda, Moldova

Following my AIESEC experience, with a passion for public speaking and events, I co-founded Evenda together with Alex and Iulia. I was 21 and this company changed my life. If a car crash on the way to your biggest company launch, is not changing your priorities, I don't know what does. Evenda was a training and education events' agency in Moldova. Building the foundation of this company with Alex was a true MBA, I am grateful for all the experiences we had together.


AIESEC Member, Moldova

Sweet student life. Actually, by the beginning of 2010 I dropped out of "Academia de Studii Economice" and became seriously dedicated to self development through Internet, entrepreneurship and AIESEC. This organization works as a company simulation where students get to solve various social or economic challenges through hands-on projects. Every project would have a team, budget and specific goals to achieve. It was an amazing experience for a wandering young mind.  


2005 - 2009

College of Informatics, Chisinau

College of Informatics, Chisinau

College of Informatics, Moldova

At age 16, I basically received the permission to do whatever the heck I want with my education (when becoming a surgeon, my father's wish, did not work with me). I moved to Chisinau and joined "Colegiul de Informatica" but instead of Computer Science I took Business Administration (partly, a sad story). First I struggled to compete with the "city kids", they were much better, but I graduated as the best on my faculty. Until 2016, this was my only "systemic" education.


90s - 2005

Cousins' time at Grandparents house

Cousins' time at Grandparents house

CEO at #childhood, Moldova

Maybe one would not call my childhood a happy one, we did not have much, but we, with my brother Sergiu, inherited a great set of values. I am immensely grateful to my parents for delivering their best despite multiple challenges (USSR economic collapse).

Besides our village routine, we had lots of freedom to explore the natural surroundings of our home and grew up with an explorer mindset. We had frequent forest quests, bicycles tours and lake swimming breaks on weekends. We also grew most of our own foods and sport was a norm. Looking back now, nature was my biggest childhood influencer.  





Early morning of July 1st 1989. A simple village family. A kid was born.